Lifestyle Garage Screens are extremely beneficial for your garage. In the warmer weather, they allow airflow throughout the garage and the freedom to see down the driveway while still keeping it closed off. What you may not have realized is that these unique garage door screens make the garage accessible all year round! Here’s how you can create the perfect atmosphere in your garage even in the dead of winter.

  • All Clear Weather Vinyl: One thing you’ll want during a colder day is to keep the wind out. Investing in a clear all-weather vinyl cover will help block the screen keeping out the cold as well as keeping the outdoor visible. You’ll find that your garage, despite the seemingly thin layers, will be very comfortable no matter what type of year it is.
      • Bonus Tip: You can create the ideal all season room with this addition. Add some chairs and a table to entertain friends while doing work in your garage or to watch the snow fall outside!
  • Use the Retractable Door: For your convenience, the Lifestyle Garage Screen comes with a center retractable door that you can use without opening and closing the entire screen. It will make it very convenient when you need to go in and out of the garage to get supplies for snow removal.
  • Add a Pet Keeper: Depending on how your garage is set up, the screen door might not fully reach the bottom. It might be enough space for curious or sneaky pets to squeeze underneath. Invest in a stopper for the bottom of the screen so your pets can come out to visit safely.

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