Installing a screen door to your garage can open your space for more activities than just a spot to park your vehicle. While there can still be space to park, people tend to pull their cars out and use their garage for a workshop, creative outlet, an office, or just a spot to let in some fresh air. A garage screen door gives you so much opportunity to utilize the room. With the warm weather just around the corner, here are some benefits of getting a screen garage door installed today!

What are the benefits?

● Keeps Things Out: Keeping a garage door open invites in pests such as various bugs, rodents, as well as dirt to get in. A screen door has a smaller door attached to it so you can come and go as you please, but uninvited guests can’t get in.

screen door
screen garage door

● More Space for Very Little Cost: Everyone enjoys being outside, getting some fresh air. Installing a new deck, patio, or sunroom can be expensive, and they may not even be feasible. A new garage screen lifestyle door will cost a fraction of what those other areas cost.

● More Security: If you’re spending all day out in your garage, you’re probably not opening and closing the garage door every time you go inside. With a screen door, there is a barrier to stop potential robbers from taking something or even curious neighbors from looking in to see what you’re doing. It gives you the peace of mind that your property has some security.

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