Is your garage door having trouble opening? Or, even worse, is it stuck open with everything inside your garage exposed? Don’t panic! Summit Door can help! We’ve been working with various types of garage doors for years, as well as dealing with a variety of broken garage door situations. It might be as simple as looking at the remote or it could be a little more complicated like a broken part. Here are a few ways to troubleshoot your garage door problems.

Linear remote

Check the Remote: It could be simple as the garage door remote battery is dead, or the remote is malfunctioning. Both of these are easy to fix. We can get you a new remote and help reprogram it with no problem! To test this, get your backup remote to see if that operates the door.

The Door Is Off Track: If there’s something preventing the door from closing flush to the ground it can cause it to go off track. If the door gets off track that is a more serious problem, you will need to contact us to get it fixed. Do not attempt to put the door back on track by yourself. More damage could be done to the door or worse yet, you could injure yourself.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door 1
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There’s A Broken Part: There are numerous parts involved in ensuring your door is functioning properly. If any of those parts break, including a cable, spring, roller, hinge, etc., your door is not functioning. You need to give us a call. We’ll be able to look over every single part your garage has, and figure out what the issue is.

Remember, don’t get yourself in a bind. Give Summit Door a call for all of your garage door needs!