There are so many ways you can utilize your garage other than just protecting your car. You can use it as a workshop area, extra storage for the house, a painting studio, and more! Unfortunately, the garage is also one of the most inviting areas for bugs and pests. During the summer these uninvited guests are looking for a cool retreat, while in the winter they need someplace warm. Throughout the year they’re looking for protection and a water source; your garage might just be their jackpot. The pests getting into your open garage is annoying, but they can be shooed out. The problem is when they start making their way into the main house, or worse, into the walls of the house where they can do a lot more damage than invading your space.

What are the most common pests you could run into?

  • Flies, Spiders, Ants, Moths, Crickets, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Mice, Birds

Remove the pests: Taking preventative measures is the first step to keeping pests out of your home. When you see a pest, whether it’s a fly, mouse, etc; get them out of your garage as soon as possible. Look around your garage for any small openings or areas where the pests might be making a nest. You can use at-home measures to get rid of them or call an exterminator.

Minimize Pests and Bugs from Invading Your Garage 1

Clean out the garage: Periodically clean out your garage, especially if you’ve noticed a lot of pests making their way in. Sweep the floors removing any dirt and debris on the floor. For added protection, replace cardboard boxes with plastic boxes to help eliminate chew spots. Remove any food that you can or have it in airtight containers. If you notice any spots that have moisture use a fan to dry it up.
Looks for any cracks: Pests don’t just get in through the open garage door. They can get into small cracks or gaps with ease, even the mice. Any you find can be sealed with silicone caulking.

Lay traps: Laying traps can be used as a preventative or as a way to get rid of pests. They can be put at the opening of the garage, along the windows, and the walls to catch any unsuspecting and uninvited guest.
Check the garage door: Make sure your garage door is flush with its track and the door. If there are gaps between the weatherstripping pests will be able to get in when the door is closed.

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