June is Garage Door Safety Month. With the weather getting more beautiful each day, a lot of people are installing new garage doors. They’re also leaving them open to let in some fresh air as they work in the garage. Kids are probably flying in and out of the area as they play, shoot hoops, ride their bikes and scooters, and much more. When misused, your garage door can be hazardous. This month is the perfect time to educate your children on the dangers of misusing them. Here’s how you can keep everyone safe from any garage door accidents.

Keep your fingers safe. The garage doors have a lot of moving parts and heavy machinery. Even as an adult, you have to be careful with getting your fingers caught. There are sections like the tracks, rollers, and cables that can pinch fingers. If you see the part moving, don’t put your hands anywhere near it.

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Don’t throw objects. Children should avoid bouncing their basketballs, footballs, and more when the door is opening or closing. Objects hitting it, especially with some force, could get caught, which will malfunction the hardware. Depending on the material, a ball could severely dent the door as well.

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Check the sensors. The sensors are what stop the door when an object or a person goes underneath as it’s closing. The sensors should be checked regularly. The safety eye beams need to be properly aligned with a solid red light on each one. If the sensors need realigning, secured, or repaired, they will flash.

Always leave carefully. Do not let your children or animals run under the doors as they’re opening or closing. Someone might slip and fall trying to outrun the door. Ensure you have an exterior keypad or a remote to close the door outside of the house instead of risking running underneath.