You might think that just because it’s cold outside you won’t be able to use your garage regularly for the season. It’s true that some garages are not insulated properly because its original purpose was to protect the car, but not to do work. The thing is that more often than not homeowners are doubling up on the garage space or converting it completely. Usually, it’s a workshop, an art studio, or anything else that might be needed. Even if you just want to be comfortable getting in and out of your car it’s important to keep the area warm. Here’s what you need to know about properly heating your garage.

  • Get Your Garage Insulated: If you know you’ll be spending quite a bit of time out in the garage, it would save you a lot of time and effort to get the garage insulated. You’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run with your energy bill.
  • Get A Space Heater: Garages don’t usually have vents for forced air installed to help keep them warm. Investing in an energy-efficient space heater will help make the room toasty, especially if there’s proper insulation throughout.
garage with snow piled up outside
  • Add Radiant Heat: Depending on the size of your garage, a space heater might not do the trick. Radiant heat is a great way of making sure the entire floor stays warm no matter what time of year it is. Research before you have it installed to make sure the system can handle the weight of a car.
  • Check Your Doors: Make sure your garage doors are closing correctly. If they’re not, no matter what type of heating and insulation you have, the cold air will get in. Not only will it affect the garage, but it could affect how much cold air is getting into the house itself. At Summit Door LLC, we can give your door an inspection getting it winter-ready!