Are you unsure what your next home improvement goal should be? Do you look at your property from the street and wonder what could give it an extra boost in value? Most of the time, the last thing on a homeowner’s mind is the quality of the garage door. A new glass garage door can tie your exterior design together and really set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood. A glass garage door will fill the hole that your clunky, outdated, door left in the continuity of your design, and depending on where it is installed will also add several new levels of potential property enjoyment!

Curb appeal – One of the most value-oriented aspects of your property. People constantly are trying to boost their curb appeal with no success due to the adherence to outdated or highly niche design styles of yesteryear. A glass garage door is unique and so eye-grabbing and fabulous that it will immediately raise your home to a level far above all the others in your neighborhood.

Benefits of Installing a Glass Garage Door 1
Benefits of Installing a Glass Garage Door 2

Energy – The transparent or slightly opaque glass will let in tons of natural sunlight, not only is sunlight great for human health and productivity it also will illuminate your space for as long as the sun is out. This will help you save money by not ever having to leave the light on in your garage! Not to mention the natural sunlight will act as a heater for your garage saving you energy as the weather delves into the cooler months.

Lightweight – The most common garage doors are durable, very heavy, and extremely ugly. Glass garage door frames are made of extruded aluminum alloy and ¼ inch thick tempered glass. Not only are these doors lovely additions to any home but they don’t skimp on durability either!

windowed garage door
Benefits of Installing a Glass Garage Door 3

Multi-purpose – The garage isn’t the only place a retracting glass door can be useful! A moveable partition between a patio and a sunroom will create a hybrid indoor-outdoor vibe to your living space! Perhaps the side of your home has an exceptional view and you want to bask in its glory with no visual obstructions, replace a screened-in porch or set of large bay windows and install this one of a kind adjustable barrier!

There aren’t many things that can make a garage door “chic,” let’s be honest. Most of the time the garage is where the family takes their shoes off and a car is parked. So honestly, the best way to enhance a garage is to have a glass door installed. Ultimately, the idea of having a door of this quality installed is to bolster the resale value of your home and to tie your outdoor aesthetic together in the most attractive fashion possible. In many cases, the perfect finishing touch to your house’s overall design ends with a highly practical and visually stunning glass garage door!